Netfix Official Announcement

REF NF1137/20200110




Dear Netfix Community,


Referring to our announcement dated 09th January 2020 on Netfix Loyalty Program in Netfix official website with referral link :, the management have decided to implement the Netfix Loyalty Program starting from 15th January 2020.


To fully implement this loyalty program, we required members to leave your NFT balance as per following schedule in order to remain as an active member :


For the first 6 months, NFT balance should be equal to 10% of total Netfix i.ROBOT.


For 6 month to 12 months enrolment, member should have a 20% out of total Netfix i.ROBOT in NFT balance.


For above 12 month, a 50% out of total Netfix i.ROBOT is required to qualify for loyalty program.


Beginning from the stipulated date, member who has insufficient NFT balance will be assume as an inactive member and will be received the same benefit as a member who hold a Netfix i.Robot of USD 250 and below.


The minimum qualification will start automatically on the said date. Therefore, kindly check if your NFT balance is enough before the date you desire to continue enjoying the active member benefit.


Notes: Referring to our announcement dated 24th December 2019 & 27th December 2019 in Netfix official website with referral link,, we regret to inform you that we are still in the process of reviewing all errors of data redundancies which effecting our database and transaction during the blockchain server’s breakdown.


Our account unit is in the process of reviewing and auditing all transactions occurred during the breakdown. This process will take a longer time than we expected. We will keep you an update once the process is being completed.


Our management will try to take an immediate action to overcome this issue to ensure the continuous smoothness of Netfix. Kindly wait for our next official announcement.


Members who having any technical issues related to Netfix platform and Nextrex exchange, kindly send your report to our respective official email:


  1. Netfix Development Department: [email protected] for transaction-related cases on the Netfix platform


  1. Nextrex Exchange: [email protected] for transaction related case in Nextrex Exchange


Our support unit will review your message and submit to our technical department within 24 hours to 72 hours. We make every effort and open to any suggestion to improve the quality of service to all Netfix’s user and member.


Your cooperation is highly appreciated.


Kind regards,


Management Team


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编号NF1137 / 20200110






提及我们于2020年1月9日在Netfix官方网站上发布的有关Netfix忠诚计划的公告以及引荐链接:,管理层已决定从15日起实施Netfix忠诚计划。 2020年1月。




在最初的6个月中,NFT余额应等于Netfix i.ROBOT总额的10%。


在注册6个月至12个月期间,会员的NFT余额应占Netfix i.ROBOT总额的20%。


在12个月以上的时间内,需要Netfix i.ROBOT总数的50%才能符合会员计划的资格。


从规定的日期开始,NFT余额不足的会员将被视为非活跃会员,并将获得与持有250美元及以下的Netfix i.Robot的会员相同的利益。












  1. Netfix开发部:[email protected],用于在Netfix平台上处理与交易有关的案例


  1. Nextrex Exchange:Nextrex Exchange中与交易相关的案例的[email protected]