Netfix Official Announcement

REF :NF1022/20191130


Dear User / Member,

We are pleased to inform that our long-awaited cross-platform application development will soon be completed. Our developer’s collaboration has been translated into a great user-friendly application, which is critical to mass adoption from wallets to managing networks activity. Before publishing our application to App Store, there are few guidelines we must meet, therefore our beta-version will be open for download on the 2nd December 2019 (Android version which will automatically reflect all the functionality in iOS version).

During beta testing, there are few considerations as follows:

1. There might be a few specific bugs related to the basic elements of the app architecture which may be overlook by our developers. Kindly send us email with image for debugging process.
2. The new wallet core for MXBIT and BCH has been changed. Derivation path for new wallet will be differ from old path which is m/44’/0’/ . These changes will disable old wallet to be access without proper settings. We will provide the instruction prior launching of beta-version testing.
3. The beta-version released will be divided into 2 version, the 1st version will be having all current application functions. The 2nd version will be the complete version with additional features.
4. The Netfix income distribution will be stopped from 30th November until 2nd December 2019 – This has to be done as we need to stop all of our servers for core upgrades process. The current application API access also will be stopped. Only the new Beta testing APK will be able to access the API Servers on 2nd December onwards. The link for the new beta testing APK will be release soon.

We therefore wanted to take this opportunity to say a very big THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your continued support. Together, we continue to strive to achieve 1,000,000 users by 2023 so that we can be truly inclusive.

We apologize on any difficulty arises caused by our scheduled upgrade process.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Kind regards
Management Team


编号:NF1022 / 20191130



我们很高兴地通知您,我们期待已久的跨平台应用程序开发将很快完成。我们开发人员的协作已转化为一个出色的用户友好型应用程序,这对于从钱包到管理网络活动的大规模采用至关重要。在将我们的应用程序发布到App Store之前,我们需要遵循的准则很少,因此我们的beta版本将在2019年12月2日开放下载(Android版本将自动反映iOS版本中的所有功能)。


2. MXBIT和BCH的新钱包核心已更改。新钱包的派生路径将不同于旧路径,即m / 44’/ 0’/。这些更改将禁用没有适当设置的旧钱包。我们将在启动Beta版本测试之前提供相关说明。
4. Netfix收入分配将从2019年11月30日停止到2019年12月2日-必须这样做,因为我们需要停止所有服务器以进行核心升级。当前的应用程序API访问也将停止。从12月2日开始,只有新的Beta测试APK才能访问API服务器。新Beta测试APK的链接即将发布。