Netfix Official Announcement

REF : NF1021/20191118


Valued members,


MatrixBit Coin has switched its core to support replay protected SigHash. Some update could not be fully implemented for the time being therefore we have to reset our BWS database. Please re create your wallet to access your coins.


If you have encounter a problem with wallet not registered, please delete your wallet and re-create or import your wallet.


Our account unit is in the process of reviewing all transactions occurred during the system maintenance in our system. We will keep you an update once the process is being completed.


Members who having any technical issues related to Netfix platform and Nextrex exchange, kindly send your report to our respective official email:


  1. Netfix Development Department: [email protected] for transaction-related cases on the Netfix platform


  1. Nextrex Exchange: [email protected] for transaction related case in Nextrex Exchange


Our support unit will review your message and forwarded it to our technical department within 24 hours to 72 hours. We make every effort and open to any suggestion to improve the quality of service to all Netfix’s user and member.


Your cooperation is highly appreciated.


Kind regards,


Management Team


Get an updates for Netfix official announcement from Netfix official website at or joint Netfix official telegram group at




参考:NF1021 / 20191118




MatrixBit Coin已将其核心切换为支持受重播保护的SigHash。暂时无法完全实施某些更新,因此我们必须重置BWS数据库。请重新创建您的钱包以访问您的硬币。








  1. Netfix开发部:[email protected],用于在Netfix平台上处理与交易有关的案例


  1. Nextrex Exchange:Nextrex Exchange中与交易相关的案例的[email protected]