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In order to ensure Netfix remains competitive and able to penetrate a larger global market by 2021, we are pleased to inform that the implementation of our latest Netfix 2.0 platform will come along with NXT Netfix Membership, a new version Netfixpay and its marketing plan.


According to the roadmap that has been planned until 2028, we will globally expand the Netfix platform empire by launching a Digital Network Marketing Activities, Execute Business Plan to meet all Covid-19 pandemic requirements, Digital Network Worldwide Expansion, Organize Events Worldwide and do Netfix Worldwide Expansion beginning January 2021 onwards.


While beginning in January 2021, our Multimedia team will starts working to update the Netfix official website and inserting the latest content of Netfix and Netfixpay on the website as well as in the process of completing Netfix latest video presentation which will be shortly uploaded to Netfix’s Youtube official channel.  We are also preparing an update on our Netfix Social Media, Netfix Broucher V2.0, Netfix Your Quick Start Guide V2.0 and Netfixpay Your Quick Start Guide V2.0 for members usage, worldwide.


As for your information, we had found several error of data redundancies in early December 2019 which effecting our database and transaction during the blockchain server’s breakdown besides the unsolved technical glitches occurred in our exclusive partner Nextrex Exchange. This brings the audit team to examine all the available information and reconcile all transactions for extended period of time.


These came to worst in January 2020 where China and the rest of the world faced with a Covid-19 pandemic that led the region to lockdown for 3 months until April 2020. As part of our initiatives to support the government’s call to curb the spread of this pandemic, we had decided to adapt an alternative working system to our teams and communities so that you can continue using the platform. These results in shifting the entire work and process of our engineers from the workplace to their home leads to hinder development of Netfix systems and platforms this year.


Hence, in contemplation to ensure NETFIX 2.0 platform continue to be competitive and withstand in the market by 2021 as well as to adhere the planned roadmap, the management hereby has reformed a drastic change by structuring a new Netfix’s developer team where this will take several extended time for them to re-analyses the NFT platform database and expected to complete by (Q1) 2021, between January 2021 to March 2021 as well as the launch of the latest version of Netfixpay Apps on Google Play Store App Listing and Apple App Store Listing.


Matrixbit (MXBIT) Mobile Apps Wallet is expected to be launch in Google Play Store App Listing and Apple App Store Listing by (Q1) 2021, between January 2021 to March 2021 with the aims to expand and exposing the Matrixbit (MXBIT) usage to the worldwide platform and merchant as a part of our long-term planning.


Furthermore, Netfix Marketplace platform will also be launched in Netfixpay Apps to facilitate and enables Netfixpay Apps users and members to carry out the cryptocurrency trading such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Matrixbit and so on. They also can use this platform to conduct a Peer to Peer (P2P) trading with each other, worldwide. Hopefully this will help to ease their cryptocurrency trading in Netfix 2.0 platform.


Hopefully we can gain a full support from you for us to move forward by this 2021 as well to adhere the roadmap that we had planned. Likewise, we hope that your loyalty and genuine support will always be with us as we are striving to serve the best for you in order to achieve our ultimate goal to reach 1,000,000 NetfixPay users and members by 2024.


With the never-ending support that we received from the community and Blockchain enthusiasts who want to foresee the succeed of this project – we believed that by the unveiled of this precious innovative platform design, it will become the most preferable platform in helping to improve your financial management as well as achieving the financial freedom in the future as its upshot.


We again, apologize for any inconveniences or difficulty arises caused by this process. We understand that this is the test for all of us. Therefore, we appreciate and thank you for your understanding and continued support. On behalf of Netfix community, do take a very good care of yourself.




Kind regards

Mr. George Stavros

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


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为了确保Netfix具有竞争力,并能够在2021年打入更大的全球市场,我们很高兴地通知大家,最新Netfix 2.0平台的实施与NXT Netfix会籍资格,新版Netfixpay和营销计划一起提供。




从2021年1月开始,我们的多媒体团队将开始更新Netfix官方网站,并在该网站上插入Netfix和Netfixpay最新内容,以及完成Netfix最新视频演示,该视频演示文稿不久将上传到Netfix的Youtube官方频道。我们还在准备Netfix社交媒体,Netfix Broucher V2.0,Netfix快速入门指南V2.0和Netfixpay快速入门指南V2.0的更新,以供世界各地会员使用。


供您参考,我们在2019年12月上旬发现了数个数据冗余错误,除了独家合作伙伴Nextrex Exchange发生未解决的技术故障外,还在区块链服务器崩溃期间影响了我们的数据库和交易。这使审核团队可以检查所有可用信息,并在很长一段时间内协调所有交易。




因而考虑以确保NETFIX 2.0平台在2021年继续保持竞争力并在市场上站稳脚跟,并遵守计划的路线图,管理层特此通过组建新的Netfix开发人员团队对变革进行了彻底的改革,这将需要一些时间展延让他们重新分析NFT平台数据库,并有望在2021年(第一季度)1月至3月份之间完成,以及在Google Play和Apple App Store列表中发布最新版本的Netfixpay应用程序。


预计Matrixbit(MXBIT)移动应用钱包将于2021年(第一季度)1月至3月份之间在Google Play和Apple App Store列表中发布,这将扩大Matrixbit(MXBIT)的使用范围,全球平台和商家,这是我们长期计划的一部分。


此外,还将在Netfixpay Apps中启动Netfix Marketplace平台,以促使Netfixpay Apps用户能够进行加密货币交易,例如比特币,比特币现金,Matrixbit等。他们还可以使用该平台在全球范围内进行点对点(P2P)交易。希望这将有助于减轻他们在Netfix 2.0平台中的加密货币交易。


社区们的共同努力,好让大家在2021年之前取得进展,并遵守我们计划的路线图。我们希望您忠诚的支持永远伴随着我们,因为我们正在努力为您提供最好的服务,以实现大家最终的目标,在2024年达到百万 NetfixPay用户和会员。









George Stavros先生



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