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Dear Valued User / Member,

First and foremost, I represent the Netfix management team would like to apologize for all the problems and inconveniences that have occurred to the Netfix platform from December 2019 up to the present. We do not anticipate that we will face problems as we continue to develop the Netfix systems and platforms throughout the year.

Our engineers are in the final phase of integrating and migrating the old database to a new database starting from December 2019 until May 2020. Now, our engineers are putting all efforts to complete all the task including the launching of the new version of Android APK between 7th July 2020 to 15th July 2020. We will announce it, once it has successfully met the requirements outlined by Google Play and Apple Store and new features. Kindly wait for our next official announcement.

We apologize for this delay as our engineers has devoted a considerable attention to solve the conflict arise during the migration to a new database in May 2020 as well as to complete the new Netfixpay app. The server and its performance are currently being fully tested before releasing and publishing our application to the public. Kindly be patient as we are trying our best to complete everything as early as possible within this month. Our engineers are diligently working on completing and ensuring that this Netfixpay app technology becomes the new world class revolution in blockchain wallet industry.

We understand that this is the test for all of us. Therefore, we appreciate and thank you for your understanding and continued support. On behalf of Netfix community, do take a good care of yourselves.

The Netfix income distribution will be temporarily disable beginning from 01st March 2020 until the new version of NetfixPay app is being released – This must be done as we need to stop all servers for core upgrades process. The current application API access will also be affected. Only the new beta testing APK will be able to access the API Servers between 01st March 2020 to 15th July 2020 onwards. The link for the new beta testing APK will be release soon.

We apologize for any inconveniences or difficulty arises caused by this scheduled upgrade process.

Dear supportive users and members, we hope that your loyalty and genuine support will always be with us as we are striving to serve the best for you in order to achieve our ultimate goal to reach 1,000,000 NetfixPay users and members by 2024.

With the never-ending support that we received from the community and Blockchain enthusiasts who want to foresee the succeed of this project – we believed that by the unveiled of this precious innovative platform design, it will become the most preferable platform in helping to improve your financial management as well as achieving the financial freedom in the future as its upshot.


Kind regards
Mr. George Stavros
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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参考号 : NF1053/20200701

技术执行官George Stavros重要公告


首先,我代表匿飞管理团队对从2019年12月至今的匿飞平台出现的所有问题和不便表示歉意。 我们无法预计出现的问题,团队任然继续开发匿飞系统直到完成。

从2019年12月到2020年5月,技术团队将旧数据库集成和迁移到新数据库的最后阶段。现在,我们技术团队正竭尽全力完成所有任务,包括启动新版本Android APK。 2020年7月7日至2020年7月15日。一旦成功满足谷歌Play和苹果商店概述的要求以及新功能,我们将予以宣布。 请等待我们的下一次正式公告。

对于此延迟,我们深表歉意,因为技术团队投入了大量精力来解决2020年5月向新数据库的迁移过程中出现的冲突以及完成新的匿飞支付应用程序。 在向公众发布和发布我们的应用程序之前,该服务器及其性能目前正在接受全面测试。 请耐心等待,因为我们正努力在本月内尽早完成所有工作。 技术团队将完成并确保此匿飞支付应用程序技术成为区块链钱包行业的新革命。

我们知道这是对所有人的考验。 因此,我们感谢并感谢您的理解和持续支持。 我代表匿飞社区,感谢您多多关照。

从2020年3月1日开始,匿飞收入分配将暂停,直到发布新版本的匿飞支付应用程序为止,因为需要停止所有服务器进行核心升级。 当前的应用程序API访问也将受到影响。 在2020年3月1日至2020年7月15日之间,只有新的Beta测试APK才能访问API服务器。 新的Beta测试APK的链接即将发布。





Mr. George Stavros
技术执行官 (CTO)

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